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Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 6 days ago

Today the Coffee Cafe had a sale- all drinks 50 Cents! Thank you to the Coffee Cafe student workers who greet us every morning and make one mean cup of coffee! #Acspresents see pic

Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 9 days ago

Jetsetter auditions are coming up! #acspresents see pic

Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 10 days ago

The Alliance High School Vocal Music Department will present its spring concert and awards presentation on Tuesday, May 15 at 7:00 in the AHS Auditorium, and this year's special guests will be the Northside Intermediate School Choir. Choirs will perform a wide variety of music, and students will be recognized for awards and accomplishments they have had in the area of music throughout the year. The concert is free and open to the public, but donations will be accepted. Choirs are under the direction of Carrie Chunat (AHS) and Suzanne Stieglitz (NIS).

Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 19 days ago

Don't miss a thing! Download the Alliance City Schools App for free and quickly check the district's live feed and news stories daily without going to social media! #Acspresents #Amspresents see pic

Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 20 days ago

Jetsetters have been performing and winning competitions all year. Now it's time for them to come home and perform for the last time this season. Get your tickets, it will be one to remember! #Acspresents see pic

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