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Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 4 days ago

What’s Rockin’ at Rockhll? Sept. 20- Candy bar Sales kick off during lunch Oct. 9- Picture day

Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 6 days ago

Our green team meets once a week and handles all of our recycling! These students understand the importance of recycling and are responsible Rockhill Citizens! see pic

Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 7 days ago

September Students of the Month! Congratulations to our Rockhill September Students of the Month! These students display positive “above the line” behavior on a daily basis. Isaiah W., Daron H.,Paige E., Christopher P., Evelyn R., Elizabeth T., Reggie H., Cameron R., Isabella C., Promise T., Erin A., Levi K., Andrew P., Audrina W., Keyria B., Alyssa B.

Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 16 days ago

The third grade started their school week working on team building activities. One of the activities was "Saving Fred". Fred is a gummy worm who was knocked off his boat. The students had to get a gummy worm through a gummy lifesaver using only paper clips. The students had fun working together trying to figure out how to complete this challenge. It was great to see the children's faces when they realized how to get the gummy worm into the lifesaver through teamwork. These team building activities will continue throughout the year in all subjects displaying the design qualities of affiliation and affirmation! These activities give our students the opportunity to learn to listen to each other, share ideas, and work cooperatively. see pic

Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 18 days ago

Congratulations to the Rockhill Elem. 3rd grade Aviator Profile role models for September! see pic

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