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Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 10 days ago

Last week, NIS Choir students participated in the Junior Jetsetter Show Choir Workshop on Tuesday and Thursday at Alliance High School. They learned a song with a dance routine and were the opening act on Saturday night at the AHS Jetsetter Cabaret. Several NIS students won awards for their performance including: Honorable Mention - Mark S. Most Improved - Joey K. Most Spirited - Patience M. The Boogie Award - Avery H. Outstanding Facials - Kylee P. Outstanding Performer - Ava D. The next performance for the Northside Choir is on Tuesday, May 15th at 7pm at the Alliance High School Spring Choir Concert. #Acspresents see pic

Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 19 days ago

Don't miss a thing! Download the Alliance City Schools App for free and quickly check the district's live feed and news stories daily without going to social media! #Acspresents #Amspresents see pic

Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 20 days ago

Jetsetters have been performing and winning competitions all year. Now it's time for them to come home and perform for the last time this season. Get your tickets, it will be one to remember! #Acspresents see pic

Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 22 days ago

Fun in the sun celebrating Northside’s Top Gun! Congrats to all students! #Acspresents see pic

Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 23 days ago

Northside 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony Announcement: Our staff has been carefully and thoughtfully planning this year’s 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony. Our intent is to host an event that accommodates families in our own building and allows us to present more awards than we would typically be able to do. In order to successfully accomplish this, we are conducting promotion ceremonies by teams. 9:30am: Team 5A (Mrs. Clunk, Mrs. Hagan, and Mrs. Weaver) 11:00am: Team 5B (Mrs. McCallum, Mrs. Boschini, Mrs. Sams) 1:30pm: Team 5C (Mrs. Zeedrich, Mrs. Witham, Mrs. Recchiuti) Information is going home today. Call 829-2269 with any questions.

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